Why You’re Not A Nigga

Nigga, nigger, or however you want to frame it, is an extremely disrespectful label and one I, like many of you don’t accept.  

It was tagged to our ancestors for generations as a mark of disdain, contempt and their overall worthlessness. Niggas were lynched, niggas were enslaved, niggas were shot in the street like rabid dogs.

But over many years, through great sacrifice and protest, this title was relinquished. We suffered and we fought to not be considered niggers. To become Negros, then colored and eventually black. 

Those who consider ‘nigga’ to be a term of endearment are ignorant. Ignorant to the struggles of those who came before us. By using this term you self deprecating an entire race of people and furthering the stereotype.

Think of Emmet Till, think of Viola Liuzzo , think of Martin Luther King Jr. Think of all those who gave there lives so we wouldn’t be niggas.

If you want to use the word ‘nigga’ then be prepared to be treated like one, but I for one will not.